Amp Repair


Jeff has spent his entire adult life in the pursuit of musical excellence. as an amp repair tech his approach has been the same. having apprenticed with several well known amp tech’s and  builders, he has mastered the art of amplifier repair and modification.

as a repair tech his approach is holistic and he always does the little things often overlooked by techs so that the amp or keyboard he is working on performs at max capacity.
married and the father of a wonderful girl{and future rocker!} Jeff’s entire life is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all h does including his approach to amplifier repair and modification!

Amplifier Repair – Speaker Re-Cone – Studio Engineering – Live Sound – Harman Dealer

Canyon Music is a full recording studio / amp / guitar/and speaker repair facility.. Also we do live sound.. and a PASTEG member! and now a Harman Dealer !!!
JBL AKG DBX Soundcraft Pro X

Amplifier Repair
$55.00 Bench Fee
$80.00 Hr.

$90.00 Bench Fee
$80.00 Hr.

Speaker Re-Cone
$80.00 + Kit

Tube Amp Tune Up
$90.00 + parts/tubes