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Chris Plunkett
Music Instructor
Bass and Guitar
Bass player for Hank Williams Jr. in the mid to late 1970’s: Played on the “The New South” album recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and toured the country with Hank Jr., as a member of the “Bama Band”.Extensive studio experience in studios from New York to Los Angeles, performing with a wide variety of artists including Hank Williams, Jr., Waylon Jennings, Norman Brown, Scott Henderson, Frank Vignola, Glenn Alexander, Gregg Bisonette, Joe Ascione, Eddie Rosetti, Raphael Cruz, Chuggy Carter and many others.Co-founder of the New Jersey based R&B band “Line Drive”, and owner of South Street Studios, a private music lesson studio in Freehold New Jersey.Chris’ first CD as leader titled “Sunday Shuffle” revolves around groove-based soulful instrumentals with the bass in the forefront on melodies and solos. Give a listen, feel the groove, relax and enjoy. Tell a friend.Bass/ Guitar/Ukulele instructor
Studio Musician1977- thru 1979 Hank Williams Jr.
Reorded Alblum “ The New South” Warner Brothers
1980 thru 1987 Linedrive
1987-1988 Attended./ Graduated Musicians Institute Hollywood Ca.
1989 thru 1995 Instructor at Musicians Institute BIT Hollywood Ca
1996 thru 2010 Linedrive ( Eastern Regional Band)
2003 and current South Street Studios owner operator with Raritan Bay Guitar Repair
2007 released solo cd Sunday Shuffle
2010 thru 2016 Sonny Kenn Band
Currently freelance shore area bassist/instructor
Studio musicianInstructions in
Studio Playing
Solo techniques ( Blues, jazz, classic rock, country)
Rhythm playing
Theory Studies

“The New South” Hank Williams Jr (MuscleShoals and Tennessee)
“ This One’s For Sarah” Guthrie Thomas (New York)
“Big Blue Gorrilla” Michael Glover (New Mexico and Los Angeles)
“Willy Scoggins Blues Band” (Los Angeles)
“You’ve Got To Believe In Something” Linedrive
(New Jersey)
“Sunday Shuffle” Chris Plunkett (New Jersey)
“Summer Nights” Jerry Topinka (New Jersey)
“A New Kind Of Love” Gordon James (New Jersey)
“Long Journey Home” Joe Petillo )New Jersey)
“Saturday Night At The Sillouette Lounge” Sonny Kenn
(New Jersey)
“Someday Baby” Billy Hector (New Jersey)

Jeff Kalemba
Jeff is a life long resident of Toms River, NJ is the owner of Canyon Music. He is a master amplifier technician and operates a well known and extremely successful recording studio where many well-known professional players from both New York and Philadelphia come to record.
As a guitar player Jeff has always immersed himself in the theory of the guitar fret board and his approach as a player reflects this. His playing style adds to any of the many groups he works with and his approach to teaching reflects his love of the instrument and his goal of having his students not just learn but enjoy the process. Jeff is available for both regular guitar lessons and master guitar classes.
Frankie/Herman Gibson
Frankie who plays bass with the Dr. Chico Band, has been a major musical force at the Jersey Shore for many years. His approach to the bass is both old school and innovative at the same time. A true musician, Frankie understands the role of a great bass player in the context of an ensemble. His approach to teaching is to convey that mindset to his students as he expands their knowledge of the fret board and the capability of their instrument.
Frankie works side by side with Jeff Kalemba at Canyon Music and is a master electronic repair technician and an expert at speaker re-coning and solid-state electronic repair.
Sarajane Sheare is an accomplished and professionally musician that still immerses herself in the local music scene. Sarajane has been playing many different instruments since the age of 8, but has been voice trained for 10 plus years and counting by some of Pennsylvania’s, New York’s, and New Jersey’s top voice coaches. She never stops improving her craft to only better herself for the enjoyment of others. She is an active writing member for Folk duo, The Autumn Fire, which boasts a show consisting of up to eleven different instruments being performed as well as displaying her vast range and ethereal voice. Sarajane also entertains a popular rock n’ roll cover band that actively plays in front of large crowds called, The Superbad, as the front woman and singer. Sarajane has also taught many acting and stage classes with New Jersey’s historic Algonquin Arts Theater in Manasquan, NJ. She uses this experience to transfer to her stage presence and stage show when she emerges to play in her bands or by herself. Sarajane has also taught as an music instructor and eventually managed the lessons department creating lesson plans and recitals for a wide array of different instruments and voice for children and adults of all ages at Guitar Center in Ocean, NJ.
Sarajane is excited to pass along her knowledge to other students that wish to dive into the amazing world that is music and performing. She will be sharing her knowledge of beginner to expert voice, beginner to intermediate guitar, bass, and ukulele. Sarajane will also be available for stage performance mentorship and audition prep for music, stage, and film. Sarajane pours her heart into her students and is enthusiastic about teaching and expanding minds to play and understand the gift that is music.